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  1. I’m a beauty therapist and offer Indian Head Massages.
    I don’t usually use oils in IHM, but for those clients who need a bit of extra help with their shoulders, this works wonders!
    I also suffer with RLS, and this helps my knees a lot! Definitely recommend!

  2. Such a wonderful pairing these 3 have made to bring us this beautiful company! Most products sold out pretty quick. I am so glad to be a part of this and watch it grow into something bigger. Well done ladies you should be so proud!

  3. I order a pot of gummy bears and they arrived two days later which i was very happy with. I have carpool tunnel in both my wrists, i take one daily and they pain goes within two mins. I have the best nights sleep too. Will definitely be ordering some more. Recommend one daily, other wise nothing will get done.

  4. I have carpool tunnel in both my wrists. I brought these and they came within two days. They work within minutes will definitely be getting some more. Recommend one daily other wise nothing will get done.

  5. Just trying my first bodyfix wrap, just doing a mini one on my stomach for a quick detox and tighten, really excited to see the results!! XxXx XxXx

  6. I have used this body lotion for 5 days and my dry skin rash on my wrist has disappeared I’ve tried lots of different creams in the past and nothing worked and so I thought I would try the CBD lotion in the trail size and I’m glad I did definitely won’t be trying anything else.

  7. I live in United States can i join the company? I need more information on CND oil that go in the mouth and what strength to use. I am in alot of pain everyday. I also have thyroid issues as well as heart problems and high blood pressure. I have talked with my doctor and he said i can use the CBD oil but it cannot have THC.

  8. Helps my kids focus stop being anxious and sleeping alot better xx
    My boy is 10 with autism and my girl is 7 and stuggles with focus and sitting still so bonus all round xx

  9. Great product, I have fibromyalgia and this causes my hands to be constantly tingling, hot and swollen and always painful. I’ve been using this product 3-5 times a day for a couple of weeks and am pleasantly surprised at the difference it has made to my hands. They feel less painful, tingling has reduced . Will continue to use as it’s first thing that’s made any difference.

  10. Can I join the company please? I’m looking to source products for friends, to buy wholesale, and to further my career opportunities. I can provide contact details if you need them.
    Many thanks,
    Nick x

  11. Arrived very fast, doesnt smell bad, everything i was looking for. very small and compact bought size of ur thumb. love it?

  12. Great flavor and great effect. They’re a really convenient and discrete way to get your CBD. I’ve always been sceptical about CBD gummies and didn’t believe that they would have any effect on me but they’ve been great for my anxiety