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Day One – Product Focus of the Week – Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra, or ajna chakra in Sanskrit, is known as “the seat of intuition.” Translations of the Sanskrit name include, “perceive,” “beyond wisdom,” and “command.” Located in the center of the forehead, it acts as the individual’s center of wisdom, conscience, and higher consciousness.
The third eye allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. It is the highest chakra in the physical body, allowing it to provide visionary perspective. The third eye also helps to determine one’s reality and beliefs based on what one chooses to see in the world.
For one thing, one might notice physical signs like tension in the brow area, headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, sinus issues, hearing problems, or dizziness. Cognitive indicators of an unbalanced third eye chakra may include dissociation, issues concentrating, nightmares, sleep disturbances, mental fog, and confusion (this is not intended to replace the advice and evaluation of a qualified medical pro).
Meanwhile, common emotional cues are self-doubt, worry, overthinking, close-mindedness, feeling lost, or relying on others for validation and permission. Lastly, some spiritual ailments which point back to the third eye include a lack of confidence in one’s path or purpose, feeling an “absence” of intuition, being too rooted in the physical world to heed higher guidance and wisdom, or being too rooted in daydreams to focus on the present reality.

One way to bring the third eye chakra back into alignment is through physically moving the body in ways that target the third eye region. For one thing, yoga asanas like fish pose, shoulder stand, and child’s pose can be conducive to moving energy through this area. Try following along with a yoga video like this yoga and affirmations for intuition and insight, third eye chakra yoga sequence, or third eye balancing flow. Further, it can be helpful to consistently focus on releasing tension in the head, face, and neck, which can block the flow of energy to and from the third eye.

Open-mindedness is also important for the third eye because of its connection to perception, wisdom, and guidance. Growing a stronger personal sense of open-mindedness is possible by actively stretching one’s perspective through day-to-day activities: whether it is trying a new cuisine, reading literature by authors of different backgrounds, or listening to a new genre of music, diversity is key here. After all, each of us is just one individual in a world of nearly eight billion people — there is so much learning that we have not yet experienced. Plus, the feelings of growth and connectedness which result from this widening of perspective are inspiring!

Incorporate a handful of affirmations into any of the aforementioned activities to focus in on a state of balance and alignment for the third eye. Or, work them into a small part of a daily routine, such as a morning skincare ritual. Some affirmations for the third eye chakra could be:
I honor and trust my intuition.
I learn from my experiences.
I am connected to the universe,
I have clarity and peace of mind.
I look both inward and outward for wisdom.
I am receiving and I am trusting.
Other solutions for a troubled third eye chakra include aromatherapy, crystals (more on this below), and healthier diet modifications. Using essential oils like frankincense, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, and myrrh, can help realign the third eye. The same can be done by introducing deep blue and purple foods into the diet, like blueberries and eggplant. Lastly, writing or journaling to find clarity, especially through a dream journal, can be helpful in gaining wisdom and opening the third eye chakra!

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