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Ambassador Spotlight – Michelle Barnett

Hey I have been with unity since the beginning and love the way it is run, I have had a few breaks but i am always draw back to it, I love the Cbd products and the unity branded products. I feel its run a little bit differently from the usual mlm its more personal like your in a little family xx

We want you!!!

▪️ 18 month old company

▪️ Over 1000 team members

▪️ Over 5000 orders through our site


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🔸 Bath bombs and Soap Flowers

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🔸 Body and Hair scrubs

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Why I joined Unity!!

Well I’m a sufferer of fibromyalgia bone hypermotorbility depression anxiety too so was on a search for products that would help me manage these symptoms.
I tried the cbd oil reliever and found it help me quiet a bit with my pain. Then I tried the tiniture cbd oil and that helped not only my anxiety depression yet my pain levels as well.
So I was buying the products from my mate who was already with unity and explained to me how I could use my experience with the products to sell them and help others like myself.
I went and thought about it and as I wasn’t currently working many hours due to my health so was struggling myself to keep food in the cupboards yet alone keep buying the products for my own use.
I found out it was free to join so after a lot of thought I decided to go for it and see how it goes.
Well I’m still learning all about cbd oil and how it helps us with our physical and mental health issues.
I’m not selling the products at the moment yet I know it will happen in time.
I’ve spoken to friends and family and have had some interests in the products.
Placing my own order and earning from it too has helped me to keep trying and using the products and the money I earn puts a meal or two on the table for my family.
My why for joining unity was simple my friend was doing well with it she is now my upliner and I was looking for a way to make money for my family which I have too. Unity is growing and I’m glad I’m part of a amazing team who support each other every step of the way.

Ambassador Spotlight – Chelsea Jones

  • I can’t remember my initial reasons for joining 100% I was a brand new mum with a little boy just weeks old and have been passionate and a user of CBD on & off for a couple of years. I wanted to join an industry I believed in that would help other people aswell as myself and with it being quite new I just had to get in tgere early and do something different. My whole world was a bunch of newnesd with a baby what was doing one more thing?! When the original company closed down I stayed with my team and then UNITY was born I was there from day 1 and have seen the company and all the other reps grow aswell. My son will be 2 in May and it’s helped us massively.
    My motivation, goal setting and drive in life and business has been partially set by becoming a part of this company. It’s even paid my bills, paid for trips out, meals, gifts for other people, food bank donations, swimming, baby groups, coffee days, treats, toys, food shop and new clothes. I’ve made so many lifelong friends and also helped so many other people in their own lives by using the products we have. I’ve helped myself by using them too. I’ve tried doing similar things before but always failed, this time I have had 100% of the support I’ve needed to keep going, learnt hiw to read a lab report and even helped other people in the company too. I’m quite competitive so love getting up on that leaderboard, I can’t work a normal job anymore due to my health issues but nwm has really saved my sanity.

Happy New Year ?

Happy new year everyone ???

Hope you all had a great evening and aren’t suffering to much ?

We would like to thank you all for your support last year and look forward to showing you all our fabulous products and maybe even welcoming you to the team ???


Yes you heard right, we have decided to keep our free sign up for the foreseeable future!!

We want everyone to be able to be a part of Unity so please contact a rep to find out more info xx