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Replacement cartridges for our vape kit, available in three flavours –

Pureblend, Blueberry & Menthol



CBD Oil Made from 100% Pure & Organic CBD
Refill Flavour: Pure Blend/Blueberry/Menthol
Refill Size: 1ml
Refill Strength: 80mg
Thread Connector: 510
0% THC


Directions of Use
Simply screw the prefilled cartridge onto your battery and then vape. Once you have used up all of the liquid, simply dispose of the empty cartridge

Important Information 
Each 1ml cartridge holds 80mg of CBD which is relatively high in strength. Each cartridge will last approximately 4–7 days, however, it will all depend on how much and often you use it. If you are only having a couple of puffs a day, the cartridge can last for up to / over 2 weeks. If you use your kit frequently throughout the day and on a daily basis, you will go through the liquid much quicker and might only last 4–7 days. Over time, you will be able to get a better gauge of how long each cartridge will last you and it comes down to personal preference

Our CBD cartridge is disposable so when it is empty, you can simply throw it away.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not uncommon for the e-liquid to darken in colour. If this happens, it is nothing to worry about. All it means is that the e-liquid is steeping and will have no effect on the taste or quality. E-liquids can steep quicker depending on the climate/temperature that they are being stored at. Also, if you notice golden/dark brown speckles in the e-liquid, this is nothing more than CBD and again is completely normal 

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Blueberry, Pureblend, Menthol

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